Rapid RC

Clean and apply decals and graphics with
this product to achieve perfect alignment
to the lines of your plane, boat or car.
Rapid RC Application Fluid prepares the
surface and will create a firm bond
in just 90 seconds. When applied
correctly, it even works great in
very cold environments. With this
product, you can easily achieve
professional looking results
Keeps your toys looking nice. Rapid RC
Cleaner and Polish is used for light
cleaning for a fantastic shine. It
restores visual clarity to plexi and
poly carbonates by filling in small

Rapid RC

Rapid RC
Cleaner and

It doesn’t matter what kind of RC you
have; fuel or electric - when your toys are hard at play, your planes, cars and even boats can get pretty dirty. Fuel residue and dust build up and can make a shine disappear.
Get Perfect Alignments
Graphics can be moved during
application allowing you to make
needed adjustments.
No More Bubbles

The smooth solution helps eliminate air pockets giving
your application a smooth appearance.

A Firm Bond

Lay it down, keep it down. Curing time Is quick and
the bonding agent helps the grpahics to stay in place.

NOTE:Clean with application fluid and "cheap" kitchen
papaer towels only.
(Most ordinary paper towels have fabric softners, silicone and other residues that can interfere with adhesion and purity of the application fluid. We recommend "cheap" towels because most are very basic).

Cleans Grime
and Dust  Easily

Just a spray and a soft cloth is
all you need. The non-hazardous
Nitro Cleaner cleans them up
quick (Contains Silicone)

Showroom Finish

The special cleaning and
polishing solution leaves a
protective coating that helps
resist dort and grime.
(Contains silicone and polymeres)

king off the grime and dust with Nitro
Cleaner is quick and easy. Just apply to
a soft cloth and wipe clean. For that new
showroom finish , apply Rapid RC Cleaner
and polish to make it look new again !